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RPE "EСON" is developing manufacturing technology and manufacturing small series of ceramic products of various shapes and purposes, including structural, electrical insulating and heat-insulating ceramics. Our products are used in various technological installations, devices, instruments and equipment in scientific laboratories, industrial production, in the creation of analytical, scientific, industrial equipment, ensuring its reliable, stable, uninterrupted and safe functioning, and also effectively solve the problem import substitution.

The company carries out a full production cycle: 

  • development of manufacturing technology for the part according to customer drawings;
  • development of the necessary technological equipment;
  • preparation of the initial powder and giving it the required chemical and physical properties and qualities;
  • preforming a part;
  • heat treatment (annealing) of the part to impart the required properties to the material and product;
  • final machining of the part to obtain exact dimensions and required surface roughness.

RPE "EСON" produces a wide range of ceramic products developed according to drawings and customer requirements:

  • ceramic products in the form of test tubes, tablets, rods, plates and other forms for solid electrolyte sensitive elements of oxygen sensors of various types and purposes, oxygen pumps, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC);
  • cylindrical and conical crucibles with a diameter of 5 ... 100 mm and a height of 5 ... 100 mm with a wall thickness of 0.5 ... 10 mm , including for high-temperature dilatometric analysis (HTDA);
  • tubes with a diameter of 2 ... 30 mm , a length of 5 ... 180 mm with a wall thickness of 0.5 ... 3 mm ;
  • structural ceramics in the form of rods, bars,
  • cylinders, threaded parts;
  • insulating and heat-insulating ceramics in the form of plates, washers, bushings, rings, tubes;
  • thermocouple protective covers up to 180 mm long ;
  • ceramic elements for pressure glands;
  • grinding bodies and lining for grinding equipment;
  • other products of various shapes and purposes, including complex configurations: nozzles for mixers, nozzles, nozzles, nuts, screws, coils, grills. 

Our technologies, provide the ability to manufacture ceramic parts as dense as possible, and having closed and (or) open porosity according to customer specifications. "EСON" is a unique, the only small enterprise that is one of eight domestic enterprises that develop and manufacture technical ceramics based on zirconium dioxide, which have the appropriate technologies and equipment (according to the report of the analytical company LLC “Infomine").

Materials of ceramic products manufactured by "EСON":

  • vacuum tight corundum ceramics
  • corundum ceramics with controlled through porosity
  • zirconium dioxide ZrO2 with different degrees of stabilization with yttrium oxide Y2O3 ;
  • magnesium oxide MgO;
  • compounds based on aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide and zirconium dioxide: alumomagnes spinel MgAl2O4 ; mullit 3Al2O3·SiO2 ; forsterite 2MgO·SiO2 ; zircon ZrSiO4 ;

"ECON" manufactures high-tech ceramic components and products, as well as carries out developments in the following areas:

  • the creation of ceramic oxide materials with increased resistance to thermal shock, high thermal conductivity and low temperature of technological modes;
  • manufacture of ceramic solid electrolyte sensitive elements in the form of test tubes, tablets, rods, plates for oxygen sensors in gases (combustion products, inert gases, air), in liquid metals (lead and its alloys, sodium, tin, copper, steel);
  • manufacture of solid electrolyte cells for
  • oxygen pumps in the form of test tubes, plates, tubes;
  • creation of cells for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) in the form of tubes, plates, multichannel elements;
  • production of miniature ceramic heaters;
  • development of a technology for tight and durable connection of various ceramics with each other and with metal; production of high-temperature ceramic pressure glands.
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