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Specialists of RPE "Econ" have developed and mass-produced a plant for forming ceramic products from slip based on oxide powders and their compounds using a thermoplastic binder using hot slip casting under pressure. Hot slip casting plant & nbsp; small-sized, mounted on a desktop, designed for use in industrial and scientific laboratories, small enterprises for single and small-scale production.

Installation of hot slip casting provides heating and temperature control of the slip in the slip tank, various modes of evacuation and mixing of the slip, as well as the supply of the slip under controlled pressure in the injection mold.

Regulation is provided for:

  • casting pressure
  • vacuum residual pressure
  • mold filling speed
  • rotational speed of the activator with simultaneous reciprocating motion with stirring
  • mold closing forces
  • slip temperature
  • gate temperature

Parts such as rods, tubes, plates, rings, sleeves, crucibles, ditches, nozzles, nozzles, nozzles, grinding media, etc. can be manufactured at the injection plant.


Slip tank volume, cm3 900
Volume of interchangeable cup, cm3 700
Slip operating temperature, ° С 20 ... 100
Maximum overall dimensions of the used mold, mm Ø 150, height150
Slip tank heating time to 100 °С, min no more 60
Activator rotation frequency, rpm 50 … 200
Maximum pressure in a slip tank during evacuation, MPa (bar) -0,09 (-0,9)
Maximum overpressure during molding, MPa (bar) 0,4 (4,0)
Maximum pressure of supplied compressed air, MPa (bar) 1,0 (10,0)
The maximum required flow rate of compressed air, m3/h 10
Maximum pressure of compressed air in the air line of the installation, MPa (bar) 0,4 (4,0)
Pollution class of supplied compressed air according to GOST 17433-80 no worse 4
Overall dimensions of the installation (LxWxH), mm no more 1200х750х1500
Mass of injection molding machine, kg no more 100

The warranty period for ECON-UGSHL is one year.

We provide full support to installation customers.:

  • presentation of the installation at our enterprise
  • Recommendations on manufacturing technologies for products at the installation
  • the ability to refine the installation to your needs
  • development of casting technologies for the products you need
  • development and production of injection molds
  • service and after-sales service
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