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Specialists of RPE "EСON" have developed and produced an original installation for casting a ceramic film EСON-ULKP. It is intended for casting on a moving substrate a thin film of ceramic slip based on mineral powders and a binder - polyvinyl butyral.

The installation provides a film with a width of 100 mm and a thickness of from 0.1 to 0.5 mm, as well as drying it. The thickness of the resulting ceramic film can be adjusted by changing the die gap and the speed of the substrate.

The installation is intended for the production of ceramic film used for the manufacture of substrates of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, multilayer ceramic boards, capacitors, resistors and other products.


The total volume of the die, cm3 240
Slip operating temperature °С room
Operating table surface temperature, & nbsp;С room... 50
Width of the cast film, mm 100
Drive shaft rotation frequency, rpm 0 ... 3,5
The speed of the tape - substrate, m/min 0,2 ...1,0
The thickness of the cast film, мм 0,1 ... 0,5
The difference in film thickness, mm 0,03
The width of the tape is the substrate, мм 1,0 (10,0)
The length of the working part of the table (the length of the protective box), мм 1400
Overall dimensions of the installation (LxWxH), мм 2100х700х1200
Mass of injection molding machine, kg no more 100
Worktop heating time up to 40°С, min no more 60

Environmental conditions:

- Temperature °С

Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mmHg)

Relative humidity at 35°С


10 ... 35

from 84 (630) to 106,7 (800)

no more 80%

Power consumption, watts no more 300

We provide full support to installation customers:

  • presentation of the installation at our enterprise
  • Recommendations on manufacturing technologies for products at the installation
  • the ability to refine the installation to your needs
  • Warranty period - 12 months.
  • service and after-sales service
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